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4Rus (Reuse, Recycle, Refurbish and Resale) is an IT integrator company focused on providing a great experience to the end user through partnerships with brokersservice providersresellerslogistics and recycling companies. Our main goal is to help you increase your client base, profitability, and efficiency. We can help you buy, sell and research for new, used or refurbished products to optimize your infrastructure and more!

Opportunity Hunter​

OH is a networking company that will easily connect people and companies for a common objective, linked or not with the IT environment. We’ve established our reputation with a successful 33 years market experience, including financial and sales expertise.


Regardless of the goals of your company, we have a solution level that is right for you. To best determine the solution to meet your goals and budget, contact us!


Put your advertising on our web page and social media.
Enhance your brand exposure using our platform.

Data Analytics

Take advantage of the world’s largest data source for new, used and refurbished IT equipment.
Increase your margins by knowing what is the ideal point for pricing your products.

Be more competitive within the market with market intelligence information.
Get a more comprehensive and in depth report of which companies are looking for your inventory.


Intel Servers
PC's (Desktop and Notebooks)


Data Destruction / Recovery
Installation / De-Installation
ITAD / Recycling
On-Site Maintenance

Membership Benefits

No need to pay the advance fee

The success fee will be limited

Support on the entire transaction process

Email report with your transactions

Possibility to use our platform and social media to promote your company / business

Market information

Customized offerings 

Save your favorite companies

Dedicated consulting

Marketing advice

Real time inventory based on availability

The Membership

  • Advanced fee for connections aligned with your needs
  • Success fee for the first deal / transaction
  • Become a member and get additional benefits

Our experts

With more than 30 years of experience (31 from IBM) I was able to acquire extensive experience in some crucial areas, such as: F&P, Accounting, Credit, Pricing, Processes & Controls and Sales, all acting as a leader in Brazil, Latin America and in Worldwide. It contributed significantly to my professional skills with a broad view of the business and helped me to develop interpersonal skills, people management and quick adaptability that suppress any challenges.


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